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Asbestos Containing Products

Asbestos Products Are Dangerous

Asbestos Products put out airborne asbestos fibers which are extremely dangerous. When a asbestos product is cut, sanded, or otherwise abraded, asbestos fibers are released into the air. When inhaled, asbestos fibers increase your risk of developing debilitating and deadly diseases, including asbestosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma.

In addition to asbestos products, some vermiculite and talc products are contaminated with asbestos. Also, a growing body of research is suggesting that some fullerenes (nanotubes) may be similar to asbestos in the disease processes they cause.


A – Asbestos Products

AC&S Asbestos Products
Accent Panels
Acoustic and Stippled Finishes
Acoustic Finishes
Acoustical Panels
Acoustical Plaster
Acoustical Tile
Acoustical Ceiling Tiles
Actinole Asbestos
Aerogun Insulating Mix
AFJ Board
Agricultural Filler
Air Cell Pipe Covering
Aircell Asbestos Board
Aircell Block
Aircell Board
Aircell Paper
Aircell Pipe Covering
Aircell Sheets
Aircell Zebra Pipe cover
AirDuct Insulation
Alumi-Shield Pipe cover
Amblerex #2 Cement
Amblerex finishing Cement
American Synthetic Rubber
Amosite Asbestos
Amphibole Asbestos
Anthophyllite and Chrysotile Asbestos
Anthophyllite Asbestos
Anthophyllite Dust
Antisweat covering
Antisweat Pipe Covering
Appliance Components
Appliance Insulation
Armabestos Block
Armabestos Pipe Covering
Armaflex Finish
Armaflex Pipe covering
Armaflex sheets
Armaflex Tape
Armaglas Fire Resistant
Armaglas Flex
Armatemp #10 Cement
Armatemp 85% Magnesia
Armatemp Block
Armatemp Cement
Armatemp Pipe Covering
Armstrong 1/8″ Vinyl ASBE
Armstrong Block
Armstrong Cal Sil
Armstrong Fire Resistant
Armstrong Lagging Adhesive
Armstrong Pipe Covering
Armstrong Products
Armstrong Woolfelt
Arrestone Asbestos Pads
Artificial Fireplaces and Materials
ASB Weatherproof Jacket
Asbestocel Corrugated Paper
Asbeston Cloth
Asbestone Panels
Asbestos and Asbestos Fibers
Asbestos Blankets
Asbestos Block
Asbestos Boiler Wall Coat
Asbestos Building Materials
Asbestos Building Products
Asbestos Canvas
Asbestos Carcinogenic Fibers
Asbestos Cellular Pipe cover
Asbestos Cement Ceiling Tile
Asbestos Cement or Bell and Spigot Cast Iron
Asbestos Cement Pipes
Asbestos Cement Soffits
Asbestos Cloth
Asbestos Containing Compounds

Asbestos-Containing Brakes

Asbestos Containing Materials

Asbestos Containing Pipes

Asbestos Containing Sink Insulation

Asbestos Cord
Asbestos Corrugated Sheets
Asbestos Curtains
Asbestos Drilling Lubricants
Asbestos Dust
Asbestos Dust from Mixing
Asbestos Felt
Asbestos Fiber felt
Asbestos Fiber Products
Asbestos Fibers
Asbestos Fibrous Mineral
Asbestos Fibrous Minerals
Asbestos Finishing Cement
Asbestos Fire Retardant Minerals
Asbestos Fire-retardant Products
Asbestos Fire-Retardant Tiles
Asbestos FlatBoard
Asbestos Forms
Asbestos Friction Products
Asbestos Furnace tape

Asbestos Gaskets

Asbestos Gaskets And Packing
Asbestos Gloves
Asbestos Heat bags
Asbestos in Aluminum
Asbestos in Bauxite
Asbestos in Brake Dust
Asbestos In Buildings
Asbestos in Carbon black
Asbestos in Coal
Asbestos in Coke
Asbestos in Granite
Asbestos in Iron
Asbestos in Rock
Asbestos in Sand
Asbestos In Ship Insulation
Asbestos in Stucco
Asbestos in Insulation
Asbestos Industrial Talc
Asbestos Insulating blankets
Asbestos Insulating Cement
Asbestos Insulation
Asbestos Lap
Asbestos Manufacturer Products
Asbestos Materials
Asbestos Micarta
Asbestos MillBoard
Asbestos Mineral Fiber
Asbestos Mineral wool
Asbestos Minerals
Asbestos Mines
Asbestos Mittens
Asbestos Packing
Asbestos Panels
Asbestos Paper
Asbestos Paper Pipe covering
Asbestos Particles
Asbestos Pipe Covering
Asbestos Pipes

Asbestos Pipe Insulation

Asbestos Product Factories
Asbestos Products/Care
Asbestos RollBoard
Asbestos Roof Panels
Asbestos Rope
Asbestos Sealants
Asbestos Seals
Asbestos Sheets
Asbestos Sponge Block
Asbestos Sponge Cover
Asbestos Spray
Asbestos Synthetic Fibers
Asbestos Tank Jacket
Asbestos Tape
Asbestos Textiles

Asbestos Tiles

Asbestos Typewriter Ribbons

Asbestos Valve Packing

Asbestos Weatherproof
Asbestos Wick
Asbestos Yarn
Asbestos-Heat-Resistant Material
Asbestos-Containing Brakes
Asbestos-Containing Clothes
Asbestos-Containing Component Parts
Asbestos-Containing Components
Asbestos-Containing Insulation
Asbestos-Containing Joint Compound
Asbestos-Containing Materials
Asbestos-Containing Parts
Asbestos-Containing Pipe
Asbestos-Containing Products

Asbestos Containing Valves

Asbestos-Contaminated Industrial Talc
Asbestos-Contaminated Materials
Asbestos-Contaminated Products
Asbestos-Contaminated Vermiculite
Asbestos-Faced Mineral Wool
Asbestos-Filled Brakes
Asbestos-laced Products
Asbestos-Laden Additives
Asbestos-Laden Ceiling Tiles
Asbestos-Laden Dryer Fabrics
Asbestos-Laden Insulation
Asbestos-Laden Materials
Asbestos-Laden Ore
Asbestos-Laden Parts
Asbestos-Laden Plastics
Asbestos-Laden Products
Asbestos Paper Tape
Asbestos-Related products

Asbestos-Wrapped Pipes


Asbestos Roof Coating

Asphalt Floor Tile

Asphalt Roof Coatings

Atlasite Block

Atlasite Pipe covering
Attic Insulation
Auto Paints and Supplies
Auto Pallets
Auto Parts
Automotive Brakes
Automotive Clutches
Automotive Hoodliners
Automotive Products

B – Asbestos Products

B&W Boilers
B&W Firebrick
B-H Expansion
Baby Powder
Bakelite Plastics
Bakelite Switching Panels
Baldwin-Hill Cement
Baldwin-Hill Products
Barbecue Fire Starters (electric)
Barbecue Mits
Base Flashing
Bead Board
BEH Block
BEH Cement
BEH Pipe Covering
BEH Products
Bestfelt Block
Bestfelt Pipe covering
Beverage Filters
Black Asbestos
Blaze Shield
Block Adhesive
Block Insulation
Block Stick
Blown-in Insulation
Blue Asbestos
Blue Asbestos and Mesothelioma
Blue Mud Cement
Boiler Breeching Insulation
Boiler Coating
Boiler Insulation
Boiler parts used Asbestos
Boiler Wall Coating
Bonding Cement
Brake Linings
Brake Pads
Brake Parts
Brake Shoes
Brakes Contained Asbestos
Brakes Dust
Breaching Insulation
Brick and Block Mortar
Bricks That Contained Asbestos
Buck Stay Cement
Building Construction Materials
Building Exteriors
Building Insulation
Building Overhangs
Building’s Ceiling
Bulk Asbestos Fiber
Burner Mats

C – Asbestos Products

Cafco Adhesive
Cafco Blaze Shield
Cafco Emulsion Adhesive
Cafco Heat Shield
Cafco Patching Fiber
Cafco Powershield
Cafco Sealer
Cafco Shield-Coat
Cafco Sound Shield
Cafco Spray
Calcium Silicate
Calcium Silicate Block
Calcium Silicate Canvas
Calcium Silicate Cement
Calcium Silicate Cover
Calcium Silicate Hangers
Calcium Silicate Insulation
calcium silicate Pipe Covering
Calidria Products
Calsil Block
Calsilite Block
Calsilite Canvas
Calsilite Insulating Cement
Calsilite Pipe Covering
Caltemp Cement
carded Asbestos cloth
Caretemp Block
Carey 7M Cement
Carey All-Temp
Carey Asbestos Cement
Carey Asbestos Cloth
Carey Asbestos Felts
Carey Asbestos Insulating Ducts
Carey Asbestos Tank Jacket
Carey Block
Carey BTU Cement
Carey Calcium Silicate Block
Carey Calcium Silicate Pipe Covering
Carey Candad Asbestos
Carey Cement
Carey Corrugated Asbestos Paper
Carey Duct Adhesive
Carey Fibrous Adhesive
Carey Fireclad Asbestos Paper
Carey Firefoil Board
Carey Firefoil Panel
Carey Fireguard Asbestos Paper
Carey Flex Board
Carey Insulating Cement
Carey Insulation Duct
Carey Insulation Seal
Carey Marine Panel
Carey Panel Board
Carey Pipe Covering
Carey Products
Carey Stone Sheathing
Carey Super-Lite Pipe Covering
Carey ThermaBoard
Carey Thermalite
Carey Woolfelt
Carey York Clock
Carey York Pipe Covering
Carey York Products
Careycell Block
Careycell Pipe Covering
Careytemp Adhesive
Careytemp Block
Careytemp Cement
Careytemp Pipe Covering
Careytemp Pre-Molded Insulation
Carpet Mastic
Carpet Underlays
CC navy Sealer
CE Cement
Ceiling and Floor Tiles
Ceiling Panels
Ceiling Texture (Popcorn texture)
Ceiling Tile
Ceiling Tile Mastic
Ceiling Tiles
Ceiling Tiles and Lay-in Panels
Celotex Products
Cement Insulation
Cement Mixing Hopper
Cement Pipes
Cement Products
Cement Siding
Cement WallBoard
Cement-Asbestos Board (Transite) Products
Ceramic Tile
Chilled Water Lines
Chimney Flue Lining
Chrysotile Asbestos
Chrysotile Dust
Chrysotile Fibers
CI Mastic
Cigarette Filters
Cleaning Dryer Fells
Cleaver-Brooks Boiler
Climate Control and Air Conditioning Duct Insulation
Cloth Wire Insulation
Clothes Washers and Dryers
Clutch Frictions Surfaces
Clutch Parts
Clutches Containing Asbestos
CMT-Eagle 20
Coat Cement
Coke Ovens
Cominco Insulation Cement
Commercial Asbestos
Commercial Asbestos Fiber
Compound Contained Asbestos
Compression Packing
Construction Mastics (floor Tile carpet ceiling Tile etc.)cooling towers – Panels and fill
Construction Materials
Contained Asbestos
Contained Asbestos as a Fire Retardant
Contained Asbestos Fibers
Contained Asbestos Gaskets
Contained Asbestos Packing
Control Systems
Control Valves
Conwed Ceiling Tiles
Cork Board
Cork Covering
Cork Mastic
Cork-Filled Mastic Corrugated Asbestos Sheets
Coving Mastic
Crocidolite Blue Asbestos
Crock Pots
Cummings Insulation
Curling Irons (electric)

D – Asbestos Products

Debris Containing Asbestos
Decorative Plaster
Deep Fryers
Deltamaid Hitemp Master
Deltamaid One-Shot Cement
Detrick Bonding Cement
Diffuser Backplaster
Domestic Water Supply and Drain Lines
Dry Mix Joint Compound
Dryer Fabrics
Dryer Felts
Drywall Products
Duct Expansion/Vibration Isolation Joints
Duct Tape
Ductwork Connectors
Ductwork Flexible Fabric Connections
Duplex Block
Duplex Pipe Covering
Dust collection Equipment

E – Asbestos Products

Eagle Insulating Cement
Eagle Pitcher Products
Ehret 85% Magnesia Block
Ehret 85% Magnesia Pipe Cover
Ehret Asbestos Fiber Felt
Ehret Block
Ehret Pipe Covering
Ehret Products
Eighty-Five Percent Magnesia Insulation
Electrical Breakers
Electrical Cloth
Electrical Hotplate Wiring
Electrical Panel Arc Chutes
Electrical Panel Electric Wiring Insulation
Electrical Panel Partitions
Electrical Products
Electronic Equipment for Aircraft
Elevator Bra Elevator Equipment Panels Brake Shoes
EM Cell Block
EM Cell Board
EM cell Pipe Covering
EM Felt Covering
Emergency Generators
Empire Ace Products
Empire Aircell Block
Endless Plastic Ring Style
Enduro Block
Enduro Pipe Covering
Erco Products
Excel Block
Excel Board
Excel Pipe Covering
Excelon Tile
Expansion Joint

F – Asbestos Products

Fake Snow
Farm Equipment
Featherweight Lock
Featherweight Pipe Cover
Felt and Tar Joint Compound
Fiber Cement
FibreBoard Products
Fibrex Cement
Filing Cabinets
Finishing Compound
Fire Blankets
Fire Brick
Fire Curtains
Fire Dampers and Fire Stop Flaps
Fire Doors
Fire Resistant Insulation Shield
Fire-Retardant Asbestos
Fire-Retardant Products
Fireplace Decorations
Fireplace Inserts
Fireproof Clothes
Fireproofing Cement
Fireproofing Materials
Fireproofing spray Insulation
Fireproofing Spray on Beams Decks Joints & Columns
Flames Safe Pipe Covering
FlapSeal Adhesive
Flash Tite Cement
Flexfast Adhesive
Flexible Corner Bead
Flexible Duct Connectors
Flintkote Floor Tiles
Floor Backing
Floor Leveling Compound
Floor Protection (under wood and coal stoves)
Floor Tile Mastic
Floor Tiles
Flooring Home Insulation
Flosal Mud Additive
Fluid-Sealing Products
Ford Brakes
Franco-therm Cement
Friction materials
Frost Proof
Frying Pans and Grills (Electric)
Fume Hoods
Furnace Cement
Furnace Insulation
Fyrbestos Sheets

G – Asbestos Products

G. Bond Wood Fiber Plaster
G.B. Asbestos Sheets
GAF Asbestos Felt
GAF Products
Galvanized Wire
Gardening Products
Garlock Gasketing
Garlock Products
Gasket Coverings
Gasket Material
Gasket Sealing Products
Gaskets in Flanged Pipe Joints
Gator Tape
GE Products
Glassblower Mitts
Glosscell Block
Glosscell Covering
GM Brakes
Gold Bond Adhesive
Gold Bond Asbestos Paper
Gold Bond Cement
Gold Bond Perfo-Lyte
Gold Bond Plaster
Gold Bond Products
Gold Bond Spackle Plaster
Gold bond Tar Paper
Green House Materials
Grinding Wheels
Griptex Mineral Wool Block
Guardian Heatguard
Gum-Bestos Paper Tape
Gun Mounts
Gunning Mix
Gunnite Used for Internal Insulation of Furnaces
Gunnite/Fire-Proofing Spray

H – Asbestos Products

H.K. Porter Canvas
H.K. Porter Products
H/2 Insulation Block
Hair Dryers
Heat And Fire Resistant Fibers
Heat and Fire Resistant Protective Clothing (gloves mittens sleeves aprons coats jackets pants hoods spats)
Heat Cement
Heat Guard
Heat Resistant Fabrics
Heat Seal
Heaters (Portable electric)
Heating and Cooling System
Heating and Electrical Ducts
Heating Cabinet Panels (Asbestos Cement)
Heating Duct Insulation
HI Mastic
HI Stick Cement
HI Temp Cement
Hi Temp Products
High Pressure Packing
High Temp Insulating Cement
High Temperature Gaskets
High-Temperature WallBoard
Hilite Insulating Cement
Hitemp Block
Hitemp Board
Hitemp Pipe Covering
Home Insulation
Hot Plates
Hot-Tops (ingot mold covers and inserts Used with ingot molds in the steel pouring process)
Hou Daille 10 11
Hou Daille 1871H
Hou Daille 65
HVAC Duct Insulation
Hy-Temp Block
Hy-Temp Cement
Hy-Temp Pipe Covering
Hylo Block
Hylo Cement
Hylo Pipe Covering

I – Asbestos Products

Incandescent Light Fixture Backing
Industrial A-C Board
Industrial Fiber
Industrial Insulation
Industrial Use Products
Insubestos Felt Strips
Insubestos Felt Type A
Insubestos Felt Type B
Insulated or Bare Pipe
Insulated Pipes and Equipment
Insulated with Asbestos
Insulating Block
Insulating Cements
Insulating Cloth
Insulating Contractor
Insulating Felt
Insulating Panels
Insulation Blanket
Insulation Board
Insulation Coating
Insulation Jacket FAB
Insulation Jacketing
Insulation Materials
Insulation on Some Wiring
Insulation on Steam Pipes
Insulation Products
Insulbestos Felt
Insulkote SG
Insultape Insulation
Internal Linings and Exhaust Ducts
Internal Piping
Iron Rests
Ironing Board Covers

J – Asbestos Products

J Spray
J-M Asbestos Canvas
J-M Asbestos Cloth
J-M Asbestos Gasketing
J-M Block
J-M Cement
J-M Finishing Cement
J-M Pipe Covering
J-M Products
Jcafco Products
JM 301 Cement
Joint Compound
JPS Asbestos Cloth

K – Asbestos Products

K & M Block
K & M Finishing Cement
K & M Kaytherm 1700
K & M Pipe Covering
Kaiser Mineral Wool Block
Karnak Mastic
Kaylo Block
Kaylo Block Insulation
Kaylo Canvas
Kaylo Pipe Covering
Kaylo Pipe Insulation
Kaytherm Block
Kaytherm Block Insulation
Kaytherm Cement
Kaytherm Pipe Covering
Kaytherm Pipe Insulation
Keasby Cement
Keasby Products
Keene Asbestos Products
Keene Block
Keene Pipe Covering
Keene Woodfelt
Kent Cigarette Filters (1952-1956)
Krack-Pruf Insulation

L – Asbestos Products

Laboratory Gloves
Laboratory Hoods
Laboratory Products
Lagging Cloth
Lagging Tape
Lamp Wicks
Lap Seal
Lethal Asbestos Fibers
Limpet Spray
Limpet Spray Asbestos
Litecase 30 S
LK Block
LK Pipe Covering
Loose Fill Insulation (in exterior wall cavities – Vermiculite)
LT Sealer

M – Asbestos Products

Machine Room Ceilings
Machine Room Ducts
Machine Room Floors
Machine Room Walls
Magnesia Cement
Magnesia Covering
Magnesia or Calcium Silicate
Magnesia Pipe Covering
MagnesiaIinsulating Cement
Marine Panels
Marinite Insulating Panel
Mastic adhesives
Materials containing asbestos in buildings
Materials That Contained Asbestos
Mesothelioma Fill
Metal Mesh Blanket
Metal-Clad Firebrick
Micarda Plate and Tube
millBoard and RollBoard
Mills Boiler
Mineral Wool Blocks
Mineral Wool Insulating Cement
Mineral Wool Mineral Wool Blankets
Mixers (Electric)
Molded Cork Pipe Covering
Molding Compound
Mono-ply Insulating Cement
Mortat Mix
Mud Hoppers
Multiply Block
Multiply Pipe Covering
Mundet Asbestos Cement
Mundet Pipe Covering
Mundet Products

N – Asbestos Products

N-1200 Block
National Gypsum Board
National Gypsum Sheetrock
Navy Standard Hairfelt
Newtherm Pipe Covering
NG Asbestos MillBoard
Nicolet Pipe Covering
Nicolet/Keasby Products
Non-Sweat Pipe Covering
Non-Sweat Pipe Insulation
Nuclear Reactors

O – Asbestos Products

OCF Asbestos Cloth
OCF Products
Old Boiler
Old Boilers
One Coat Cement
One Coat Finishing Cement
One Coat Insulating Cement
Oven Insulation
Owens-Corning 660 Cement
Owens-Corning Asbestos Cement

P- Asbestos Products

Pabco Block
Pabco Caltemp Pipe Cover
Pabco F-1 Hydraulic Cement
Pabco Pipe Covering
Pabco Super Caltemp Block
Packing Materials (for wall/floor penetrations)Packaging
Pads for Ironing Board
Paper Machines
Paper Products
Paper Tape
Paper-Making Equipment
Particular Type of Asbestos
Patching Plaster
Performed Pipe Wrap
Perltex Spray Surface
Perltex Super 40
Philip Carey Products
Pipe Containing Asbestos
Pipe Coverings
Pipe Elbow Insulation
Pipe Flanges
Pipe Insulation (Corrugated air-cell Block etc.)
Pipe Lagging Insulation
Pipes Covered With Asbestos
Pipes IInsulation on either exposed or concealed pipes)
Pittsburgh Corning Products
Plaster or Drywall Jointing Materials
Plaster Products
Plaster Sprayed-on Fireproofing
Plibrico Cement
Plicaste Cement
Plisulate Cement
Polybestos Cloth
Popcorn Poppers
Pork Chop Boiler
Pot Holders
Potting Mixtures
Powerhouse Cement
Prasco Pipe Covering
preformed Pipe Wrap
Product Identification
Products Containing Asbestos
Products that Contained Asbestos
Products with Asbestos
Pumps and Packing
Pumps with Packing
Pyrobar Blocks
Pyrokure Paper
Pyrokure Tape
Pyroscat Fireproofing

Q – Asbestos Products

Quick Treat Compound
Quick-Setting Joint Compound
Quickset Cement

R – Asbestos Products

R & I Block
R & I Unsulating Cement
Racko Asbestos Cement
Railroad Asbestos
Railroad Electrical Arc Chutes
Rain Water and Sanitary Lines
Range Boiler Jacket
Ranges and Ovens
Raw Asbestos
Raw Asbestos Fiber
Raybestos Amosite Blanket
Raymark Brake Linings
Raymark Products
Ready Mix Joint Compound
Red Top Plaster
Red Top Products
Refractory Brick and Spacers
Refractory Cement Chalk Boards
Refractory Cements
Refractory Materials
Regular Pipe Covering
Resilienyt Sheet Flooring
Respirable Asbestos Dust
Resuspended Asbestos Fiber
Rhinoestos Cloth
Riley Stoker Asbestos Products
Rockwool Asbestos Blanket
Rockwool Blanket
Rockwool Block
Rockwool Insulation Cement
Rod-Like Amphiboles
Roofing Felt
Roofing Felt Shingles Rope
Roofing Paper
Roofing ProDuct
Roofing Shingles
Rope Packing
Roughing Cement
Ruberoid Block
Ruberoid Calsilite
Ruberoid Cement
Ruberoid Hi-Temp Cement
Ruberoid Pipe Covering

S – Asbestos Products

S&K Ranger Boiler Jacket
Safekote Cement
Safety Boxes
Salmo Glazed Aircell
Sanding Joint Compound
Scapa’s Dryer Felts
Seal Fast Adhesive
Seal Joints
Sealing Pumps
Serpentine Asbestos
Sheet Packing
Sheet Rope
Sheet Vinyl Flooring
Sheets in Drywall
Siding Gaskets
Siding Shingles
silicate Calsilite
Silvabestos Cloth
Slow Cookers
Smith & Kanzler Products
Sniper 3000 Cement
Soldering and Welding Blocks or Sheets
Spackle Plaster
Spackling Compounds
Sparkfast Adhesive
Sponge Blocks
Sponge Felt
Spray Fireproofing
Spray-Applied Insulation
Spray-on Fireproofing
Sprayed Coatings
spun Felt
Steam and Hot Water Heating (supply and return lines)
Steam Generator
Steam Pipes
Stenographic Machine
Stic-Tite Cement
Stic-Tite Finishing Cement
Stik-Tab Cement
Stone Corrugated Sheets
Stove Mats
Stove Pipe Rings
Stove-Top pads
Super “66″ Insulating Cement
Super 48 Cement
Super 711
Super D Blockinsulate
Super Finish Cement
Super Finish Stic-Tite Cement
Super High Temp Cement
Super Insulation Tape
Super Light Block
Super Powerhouse Cement
Super Stic-Tite Cement
Super-Light Cement
Super48 Insulating Cement
Superex Block Insulation
Superex Pipe Covering
SuperSeal Packing
Supertemp Blocking
Supplied/Distributed ASBE
Supplied/Distributed PRO

T – Asbestos Products

T-Bar Ceiling Tile
T/NA Insulation Jacket
Table Pads
Tablecloth Made of Asbestos
Taconite Iron Ore
Talc Powder
Talc Products
Tank Casings
Tank Insulation
Taping Compounds (Thermal)
Tar or “Black Jack”
Temp Check Block
Temp Check Pipe Covering
Terra Lite
TexTile Clothes
TexTile Garments
Textile Products with Chrysotile Asbestos
Theater Curtains
Themobestos Metalon P/C
Therma-K Block
Therma-K Pipe Covering
Thermabestos Block
Thermabestos Cement
Thermaguard Asbestos Cloth
Thermal Exhaust Manifolds
Thermal Insulation and Exhaust Manifolds
Thermal Paper Products
Thermal Spray
Thermal taping compounds
Thermasil Block
Thermasil Cement
Thermasil Pipe Covering
Thermo 12
Thermo 12 Pipe Covering
Thermo Pipe Covering
Thermobestos Pipe Cover
Thermon Heat Cement
Thermotex B
Thermotex B (Paper)
Thermotex B Weatherpro
Thin Set Materials
Titegrip Cement
Transite Asbestos-Cement Pipe
Transite Board
Transite Manufacturing Equipment
Transite Pipe Asbestos
Transite Siding
Transmission Parts
Tremolite Asbestos
Tri-calite Block Insulation
Troweled Coating
Turbines with Ancill Insulation

U – Asbestos Products

U.S. Gypsum Spray
Unarco Amocel Pipe Cover
Unarco Board
Unarco Cloth
Unarco Insulating Cement
Unarco Mineral Wool
Unarco Products
Unibestos Block
Unibestos Pipe Covering
Unibestos Products/Distribution
USG Aircell Pipe Cover
USG Hairfelt Pipe Cover
USG Woolfelt Pipe Cover
Util Thermal Finish Cement

V – Asbestos Products

V-Dent Pipe Insulation
Valve Assemblies
Valve Components
Valve Gaskets (automotive)
Valve Rings
Valve Stem Packing
Valves and Packing
Vanderbilt’s NYTAL(R) 100 Industrial Talc
Vapor barriers
various JM Products
Vee Block Mix (Relabel)
Vehicle Braking Systems
Vermiculite Compounds
Vermiculite in Soil Conditioner
Vermiculite Roofing
Vermiculite Spread as a Soil Conditioner
Vermont Asbestos
Vinyl Asbestos Floor Tile
Vinyl Floor Tile
Vinyl Gypsum Adhesive
Vinyl Sheet Flooring (Linoleum)
Vinyl Wall Coverings
Vinyl Wallpaper
Vitricel Asbestos Sheet
Vitricel Cement

W – Asbestos Products

Wall Ceilings
Wall Panels
Wall Penetration Packing Materials
Wall Protection
WallBoard Joint Compound
WallBoard or Sheetrock
Water Tube Boiler
Waterproofing Compounds
Weathercote Asphalt CM
Weld-on Cement
Welding Blankets and Screens
Welding Rods
Welding Rods White Loose Wool
White Surface Cement
Window Glazing
Wire Mesh Blanket
Wire Mesh Blanket Pot Holders and Ironing Board Pads
Wood Fiber Plaster
Woolfe LT Pipe Covering
Woolfelt Block
Woolfelt Covering
Work Clothes And Coveralls
Work Gloves
Woven Ceramic Fiber

Y – Asbestos Products

Yellow Insulation

Z – Asbestos Products

Zono Plaster Aggregate
Zonolite Acoustic Plaster
Zonolite Asbestos
Zonolite Cement
Zonolite Decorators
Zonolite Dry Cement
Zonolite High Temp
Zonolite Mono-Cote F.P.
Zonolite Plaster
Zonolite Spra-Tex
Zonolite Spray Insulation

Type of Product Description Example Brands
Drywall Products Joint Compounds, Textures, Patching Compounds, Fire-Rated Sheetrock USG, Georgia Pacific, Kaiser Gypsum, Synko, Gold Bond, Bondex, Paco, Durabond, Imperial Gypsum, Bestwall
Insulation Pipe Insulation, Insulating Muds, Refractory, Block Insulation, Lagging Unibestos, Kaylo, Pabco, Mundet, Ehret Magnesia, Johns-Manville, Phillip Carey, K&M, Owens Corning, Pittsburgh Corning, Cafco, Vee-Block, Pli-Cast, Insulag, GREFCO, NARCO, Ruberoid, AP Green, Eagle Picher, MH Detrick
AC Pipe Asbestos Cement Pipe (Sometimes Called Transite) Johns-Manville, Transite, Certaineed, Fluid-Tite, Kubota, Capco
Spray On Products Fireproofing, Gun Plastic Cement, Stucco, Limpet, Acoustical Ceiling Applications WR Grace, Monokote, K&M, Riverside, Colton, USG Sabinite, Kilnoise, Kaiser Cement
Flooring Products Floor Sealants, Vinyl Asbestos Floor Tile/”VAT”, Flooring Felt Azrock, Congoleum, Armstrong, Koroseal, Flintkote, Kentile, Hanover, GAF
Automotive Products Brakes, Clutches, Gaskets Bendix, Raybestos, Wagner, Victor, BorgWarner, Mercury, American Brakeblok, Goodyear, Maremont, Worldbestos, NAPA, Rayloc, Gatke, Mintex
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Roofing & Siding Asbestos Cement Siding, Transite Siding, Asbestos Shingles, Roofing Felt, Roof Cement, Millboard Flintkote, Aspromet, Johns-Manville, Gold Bond, NuRoof, K&M, Fyrex, GAF

Law Offices of Jerry Neil Paul has an outstanding track record of success, and our lawyers are known for their honesty, integrity and compassion. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma or any asbestos related disease from asbestos exposure we can help you file a Mesothelioma lawsuit. We also handle car injury cases, wrongful death cases, product defect cases, premises liability cases, and work related injury cases. Our experienced legal team is here to help you get just financial compensation for your injuries.

  • More than 25 years of experience in Mesothelioma and Asbestos litigation.
  • More than 2 billion dollars in settlements.
  • Over 500 of our clients have recovered in excess of 1 million dollars.

Call us today at 800.281.9804 for a free and confidential consultation with an experienced Mesothelioma Lawyer.

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