CancerLocator May Be able to Provide Minimally Invasive, Early Detection of Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is a particularly aggressive form of cancer which usually carries a grim prognosis. Almost uniformly, treatment outcomes depend on how early on in the patient is diagnosed with the disease. Early diagnosis equates to longer survival rates and an increased quality of life during those years. The problem is that an early diagnosis is next to impossible ascertain because there are no reliable early diagnostic indicators of mesothelioma.

Researchers at UCLA may have found a way around the invasive biopsy to allow for early diagnosis. The tool they have created is call CancerLocator and it is a computer driven test that can detect both the existence of cancer and the type of cancer from a single blood test. Tests thus far have been successful in detecting early stage cancers. More test will be needed to ensure the reliability of the machine driven tool but we remain hopeful that it will aide in providing patients’ the option to receive more effective treatments, leading to longer and more productive lives.

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