Our Reviews

  • Thank you!
    I can't thank you enough for all you have done for my father and me, and for all you continue to do.

    - Vanessa L.

  • Used by all of the U.A. Locals in the entire state of California

    For the past 15 years I have been working as Asbestos Liason for Steamfitters U.A. Local 342. Many of your members are very sick or have died from exposure to asbestos in the workplace. My job is to work with the attorneys that represent our members in their efforts to be compensated for the loss of a spouse, or to damage to their own bodies. In my capacity, I am called upon to work with many law firms. Most are very competent, but many are also very greedy. Jerry Neil Paul and his law firm of Paul & Hanley have not only been very competent but have not tried to rip off our members with large fees or exaggerated expenses. Their fame for fairness has spread so that they are now the main law firm used by all of the U.A. Locals in the entire state of California. I have worked very closely with Jerry N. Paul for over 15 years. He has impressed me so much with his skills and integrity that I am most happy to recommend him and his firm. He has done a tremendous job for our members and it has been a delight to work with such a fine gentleman.

    I am including an article I wrote 11 years ago in our union magazine, just to show you the high regard I have for this man and am not just writing this to help out.

    - Vern Gosney

  • He is a hero none the less

    In a day when superheroes abound, we are used to images of masked men and dazzling machines. We are caught in the movie magic with all its drama and excitement. We applaud when the 'good guy' wins and 'truth' prevails. But in the real world superheroes are not around when you need them. There are no Superheroes to come to the rescue when you are a retired Plumber or Pipefitter. No one rides in on a white horse when you face life's true challenges.

    He doesn't ride a white horse or wear a mask and cape he doesn't sling a web nor have a magic rope he doesn't look like a superhero, but he is a hero none the less.

    Jerry Neil Paul is our hero. He could have chosen to do a thousand different things. He could have chosen to live dozens of different places. He could be helping hundreds of wealthier more affluent people. But instead, he chose to help us.

    Jerry has chosen to help you and me, the working man the average guy, the retiree. The battlefield is health care. The enemy is Mesothelioma. Asbestos-related mesothelioma, lung cancer, Benzene/solvents related AML type Leukemia, or Manganese related welding disease accompanied with Parkinson's like symptoms known as Manganism.

    Jerry Neil Paul of Paul, Hanley & Harley LLP has led the charge and is helping to win the battle. We just want to take a moment to thank him and tell him how much we truly appreciate his efforts.

    There will never be a Hollywood movie about him, but the next time you see a Superhero movie or comic. think about Jerry our superhero."

    - The Retirees Pipeline

  • Quickly secured several settlements for us
    I had conducted a search for the top ten legal firms and decided on The Paul Law Firm because of their reputation and the testimonials of their clients. Soon the attorneys at The Paul Law Firm became friends of ours. They supported our wish to proceed with legal claims against companies who caused my husband’s illness and worked very quickly to secure several settlements for us. Both my husband and I have been very comforted by the lawyers and staff members of The Paul Law Firm.

    - Daniel J.

  • Thank you!
    The team of lawyers at The Paul Law Firm poured their heart and soul into my case.

    - James M.

  • They turned our lives around
    The unselfish work you have done for us simply turned our lives around. Thank you for all of the hard work you and your staff do.

    - From the family of J. D. Fout

  • They put on a great trial
    I want you to know how much I appreciate all the hard work and effort that you have all put into my case. A special thank you for obviously putting on a great trial.

    - Kenneth R.

  • He give a powerful voice to those who have lost a loved one
    it is so comforting to know that people like yourself can give a powerful voice to those who have lost a loved one due to harmful work environments.

    - From the family of William Madden

  • Words cannot fully express our gratitude
    I felt extremely confident and grateful to have them representing my daughter and me in the case. Words cannot fully express our gratitude.

    - Alia E.