Common Mesothelioma Diet Related Issues and Solutions

Problem #1: Loss of Appetite

  • Try eating a large meal when you feel up to it no matter what time it is.
  • Calorie rich liquid diets sometimes make it easier to consume more
  • Try eating several smaller meals rather than a few larger ones
  • Exercise tends to stimulate appetite

Problem #2 Nausea

  • Although it may be counterintuitive, you should try and eat something, nausea is made worse by an empty stomach
  • Eat something light like saltine crackers or plain yogurt
  • Try to avoid liquids that you know cause you bloating with your meals

Problem #3 Diarrhea

  • Drink lots of fluids to replace those that have been lost
  • Make sure to eat foods rich in sodium and potassium to replace lost minerals
  • Avoid foods high in fiber, greasy foods, milk, and alcohol

Problem #4 Dry Mouth

  • Always keep a water bottle handy throughout the day
  • Sweet or tart foods may help stimulate saliva production
  • Chewing gum may help but avoid alcohol

Problem #5 Weight Loss

  • Eat when its meal time even if you’re not hungry
  • Eat calorie rich foods like peanut butter so you don’t need to eat as large of a portion
  • Liquid smoothies or shakes may be easier to get down and can be rich in nutritional value

For more information on food related cancer issues please review the National Cancer Institutes, “Eating Hints: Before, During, and After Cancer Treatment.”

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