Medical Thoracoscopy Deemed Safe And Valuable For Mesothelioma Patients

Following the study of 833 malignant mesothelioma patients, Chinese researchers published a report of their findings in BMC Pulmonary Medicine. The conclusion was that the thoracoscopy is safe and valuable for those diagnosed with mesothelioma. The news is sure to come as a sigh of relief for those patients current undergoing or scheduled for the medical procideure.

What Is A Medical Thoracoscopy?

It’s a minimally invasive medical procedure used as a tool to help diagnose various lung diseases such as pleural mesothelioma. The procedure involves a small probe that physicians use to see of the surface of the lungs. This visibility helps the doctor to diagnose the source of the excess fluid.

It’s important not to confuse the medical thoracoscopy with a surgical thoracoscopy, a very highly invasive surgical procedure

Additional Benefits of a Medical Thoracoscopy

Mesothelioma is a notoriously difficult to diagnose because its symptoms are so similar to those of several other diseases. The medical thoracosopy has not only helps to diagnose the cause of the pleural effusion but also take lung tissue to help increase accuracy of the diagnosis even more. In addition the procedure can also serve as a means to administer medication.

Author Yang-Bing Wu, MD concluded that the “Medical thoracoscopy is a valuable and safe tool in diagnosing malignant pleural effusion and minimal complication rates.”

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