Altered Viruses May Soon Fill a Larger Role in the Fight Against Mesothelioma

Dr. Dash and Dr. Patel of Macalester College and University of Minnesota respectively, have published a report in the Biomedicines Special Issue claiming that there are specific types of altered viruses that might not only kill malignant mesothelioma cells but may also help increase the efficacy of immunotherapy.

Immunotherapy as a Treatment Protocol

Just as with many other forms of cancer, mesothelioma tumors are able to grow by essentially camouflaging itself to avoid the body’s immune system. Immunotherapy relies on substances or drugs to help jump-start the immune system to start recognizing and fighting the malignant mesothelioma cells with the purpose of stopping tumor growth. The issue is the level responsiveness of the individual immune system or getting the immune system to respond and start fighting the malignant cells. Biologist, Dr. Dash states that certain altered viruses “Would expand the range of patients who will respond to and benefit from immune therapy.”

Using Altered Viruses

Virotherapy relies on the use of viruses that have been altered to target malignant and cancerous cells while at the same time sparing the surrounding healthy tissues. The Minnesota based biologists wrote that “In pre-clinical models of different thoracic cancers, it has been found that these viruses can induce immunogenic cell death, increase the number of immune mediators brought into the tumor microenvironment and broaden the neoantigen-specific T cell response.” The conclusions from the study provide some hope for increasing the efficacy of immunotherapy and perhaps even extending survival times and quality of life.

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