New Report Suggests That Calretinin Should Be Used As A Biomarker For Mesothelioma

A German study published in the journal BMC Cancer has concluded calretinin, a blood based biomarker, may be able to be used for early detection of mesothelioma. The study found that calretinin has an unusually high degree of sensitivity with respect to mesothelioma detection.

Currently diagnosis requires a tissue biopsy followed by an analysis of the tissue called immunohistochemistry. Because of the invasiveness of the biopsy this process only occurs after all other markers show the potential presence of mesothelioma which tends to prevent a diagnosis until mesothelioma is in a late stage. Using blood based biomarkers may provide a way for more frequent testing so that the aggressive cancer may be caught early.

The study found that on its own calretinin is slightly more sensitive than mesothelin in the detection of mesothelioma however, when paired with mesothelin the sensitivity for detection rose from 66% to 75%. Early detection is key to survival rates and improving the efficacy of treatment protocols. The German study provides a real hope for increasing early detection of mesothelioma in its various types.

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