Research Nurse in the UK Awarded Grant For Mesothelioma Diagnosis Work

A nurse in the UK has received a grant for the study of a less invasive mesothelioma diagnostic tool - structured light plethysmography or SLP. The procedure takes only five minutes and operates by displaying a light checkerboard on the patient’s chest. The squares on the light board serve to help measure the motion in the chest wall.

In the initial study of 15 patients the diagnostic tool showed promise especially in being able to differentiate between benign plueral thickening and mesothelioma. This ability to differentiate between the two conditions may help patients avoid a much more invasive biopsy procedure to determine that they in fact don’t’ have mesothelioma.

Liz Darlison, Mesothelioma UK director of services and consultant nurse, said: “We’re excited to hear about the results of the study which we hope will inform current diagnostic processes and perhaps lessen the need for surgery for people with suspected mesothelioma.” You can check out the full article here.

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