Custom Rehabilitation Strategies May Be Needed Post Surgery

A new study out of the Hoyoga College of Medicine supports the conclusion mesothelioma patients who undergo pleurectomy/decortication (P/D) need customized rehabilitation strategies to improve overall quality of life. P/D is the less radical of the two main mesothelioma surgical methodologies which requires the removal of the diseased membrane rather than the whole lung being removed. Despite being the less invasive of the two operation, P/D is still a very significant surgery.

The study out of Japan reported that measures of physical strength and vitality decreased with health-related quality of life. Post-surgical evaluations involved survey data as well as several physical tests. The Japanese researchers found that Handgrip strength, 6-mile walk distance, and lung functioning all decreased significantly. These tests led to the conclusion that rehabilitation strategies should be customized to the individual patient to optimize surgical outcomes.

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