Physicians Brace for a Third Wave of Asbestos Exposures

The first wave of deadly asbestos exposures happened when miners pulled the naturally occurring mineral from the ground. The second wave affected shipbuilders and line workers who were exposed to the toxic material during the manufacturing process. Now physicians are bracing for a third wave – exposures from roofing tiles, insulated pipes and other construction materials.

These third wave victims are: men and women of the armed services, construction workers, firefighters, welders, pipefitters, repairmen, electricians, and plumbers, and others. For a list of the most at risk jobs click here.

Dr. Ray Jones from Australia predicts that there will be a spike in asbestos and mesothelioma claims in the coming years before peaking in the year 2020. The Aussie doctor makes the point that even children who attended schools constructed with large amounts of asbestos will in the coming years start to find that they have been adversely affected. This is due to the extremely long latency period of asbestos exposure. While Dr. Jones is speaking about Australia, it unfortunately is very similar here in the US. In the United States schools in the 1960s and 1970s were made extensively with asbestos.

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