The Latest Mesothelioma Statistics

Knowledge always provides an extra sense of comfort for those diagnosed with mesothelioma because if nothing else it helps calm the anxiety and confusion associated with the unknown. BioMed Central has put together the research and we have distilled it down to the pieces we think are most informative. To read the full article click here.

Treatments for Mesothelioma




% Change

Palliative Chemotherapy

34% of patients

36.5% of patients


Chemotherapy (for patients in good health)

41% of patients

53.5% of patients



29% of patients

16.5% of patients


Surgical Interventions

2.3% of patients

5.2% of patients


Survival Rates

Studies indicate that the median survival time with a mesothelioma diagnosis is approximately 35 months or just about three years. If the cancer is caught before it spreads to the lymph nodes then the survival rate jumps to close to 6 years.

Survival Rates Based on Tumor Volume

Tumor Volume

Median Survival

Less than 300 ml

2.25 Years

301-600 ml

1.62 Years

601-900 ml

1.06 Years

More than 900 ml

0.9 Years

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