Veterans and Secondary Exposure

While veterans make up approximately 7% of the total population they make up about 30% of the total mesothelioma claims. The United States Government failed to warn our heroes who served of the long term effects of asbestos exposure. The military’s reliance on asbestos wasn’t just hazardous to the health of those serving but also to military families.

These secondary exposures occurred when the service member returned to base housing from work covered in asbestos dust and hugged their children. The hug would expose the child to asbestos fibers that remained on their parent’s clothing. Another common type of exposure occurred when the spouse handled the service member’s laundry. The asbestos particles on the clothing would lodge themselves in the spouse’s body.

Often the asbestos with which military personnel were subjected only represented a portion of the individuals total exposure profile. Many times veterans sought jobs with similar skill sets such as electricians, pipefitters, or mechanics after they rejoined the civilian population. The same cycle repeated itself, subjecting family members to asbestos exposure upon returning home from the job site.

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