What Are the Most Reliable Diagnostic Methods for Mesothelioma?

The National Institutes of Health reveals that approximately 27 million workers were exposed to dangerously heavy doses of asbestos from 1940-1978. There are approximately 3,500 individuals who pass sway each year from the aggressive cancer. This number means that Mesothelioma is an orphan disease and therefore diagnosis itself can be a difficult and complex task.

Some of the typical methods used by most oncologists may not be suitable in the diagnosis of mesothelioma. Another difficulty in the diagnosis is the fact that symptoms may be vague and mirror those of other cancers.

US Recall News reports that currently the three most effective and reliable tests used in the diagnosis of Mesothelioma are as follows:

  1. Tissue Biopsies: The biopsy is the gold standard of mesothelioma diagnosis. Most biopsies are minimally invasive so the adverse risks are very low. The biopsy can provide the exact type of malignant cells.
  2. Mesomark Assay: this is a test which reveals the level of SMRP in the blood. SMRP is a bio-marker discharged by mesothelial tumors. The mesomark can also be used to measure concentration levels to monitor progress during treatment.
  3. CT Scan: The scan is a useful diagnostic tool that allows the oncologist to evaluate the severity of your condition however the scan can only provide information on the appearance of the tumors. Therefore the CT scan must be used in conjunction with a biopsy for purposes of a mesothelioma diagnosis.

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