Blood Tests May Lead to Faster Treatment and Less Invasive Diagnosis

The biopsy is the gold standard of mesothelioma diagnosis. Blood tests however would be preferable if accuracy could be increased because the test is less invasive and could be performed more often than the biopsy. The biopsy requires taking a sample of the pleura tissue (the membrane lining the lungs) or the membrane surrounding the organs that are suspected to be impacted.

There is now an innovative new blood test that has been developed by a group of researchers from the biotech company, Biodesix. The new blood test uses Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR) a method of genetic identification to target several of the most common genetic mutations in lung cancer patients. Testing of the new blood test has shown very promising results. According to Biodesix the new method “generated test results successfully for 98% of tests submitted, with 94 percent of the results available within 72 hours.”

Time to treatment can make a large difference in the treatment outcomes for mesothelioma patients. The biopsy can take up to several week to return results which takes valuable and actionable time away from the patient. The additional time for treatment along with the less invasive nature of the blood test provides a hopeful outlook for patients who may in the future be able to avoid the biopsy process completely.

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