Genetic Sequencing May Allow For More Targeted Treatment Protocols

While the study did not address mesothelioma directly, a new report from Nature Medicine concluded that genetic sequencing could be used as a roadmap to develop essential targeted treatments. Each individual’s cancer cells are like a thumbprint with a unique genetic profile. Once a genetic profile is established it then enables doctors to check that profile against a database of other tumor genetic profiles to see what therapies have had the greatest success against that tumor as well as what treatments failed.

The research into the genetic mapping was conducted at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) where the group has sequenced over 10,000 tumors. The findings are especially relevant to those patients with advanced stage cancer. Because of the long latency period mesothelioma is discovered at an advanced stage so there is a hope that MSKCC research could have a positive impact on the asbestos caused cancer.

Regarding the group’s findings, Michael Berger, associate director of the Center for Molecular Oncology at MSKCC said, “What’s unique about our data set is that we collected samples from patients with advanced, metastatic cancer. A lot of the other large-scale genomic databases look at untreated tumors when patients are first diagnosed, and they provide a different genomic landscape and makeup than advanced cancers which are collected after several rounds of therapy.”

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