High Platelet Count May Allow For Early Diagnosis

One of the worst aspects of mesothelioma is the difficulty in catching the cancer before it reaches a very late stage. The majority of mesothelioma diagnoses come once the cancer is already in a very advanced stage which limits treatment options and the efficacy of those treatment options. A new study out of the United Kingdom signals that a simple blood test may be the answer to that problem.

The report, published in the British Journal of General Practice studied over 50,000 cancer cases. While the study did not specifically deal with mesothelioma, it did not focus on any other specific type of cancer either suggesting that the method has a broad range of applicability. The blood test focused on whether the patient had an elevated platelet count. One of the most salient results from the study included a group of patients with high platelet counts who later developed lung or colo-rectal cancer had no other cancer symptoms other than the elevated counts.

Ms. Baily, a co-author of the report stated that “This is a clue which can be used in practice by GPs to help them select patients for further investigation … most excitingly in some patients who may not already have other symptoms of cancer to achieve earlier diagnosis.” With early dignosis it may be possible to provide longer more productive treatment outcomes for mesothelioma patients.

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