IMRT May Offer Safer Way To Treat Pleural Mesothelioma

Turkish researchers from Gaza University in Ankara published a comparative study of twenty-four radiation therapy plannings in Technology in Cancer Research & Treatment, concluding that intensity-modulated radiotherapy or IMRT produced better results than the traditional radiotherapy with less side effects.

The researchers found that IMRT allowed for a higher dose of cancer killing radiation to the mesothelioma tumor while at the same time delivering less radiation to the surrounding healthy tissues. To the doctors at the University of Gaza the results were clear. Dr. Ulger, an author of the report stated, “Intensity-modulated radiation therapy was statistically superior in target coverage and dose homogeneity.”

The report went on to conclude, “With a complex and large target volume of malignant pleural mesothelioma, intensity-modulated radiation therapy has the ability to deliver efficient tumoricidal radiation dose within the safe dose limits of the remaining lung tissue.” The report corroborates the findings in other studies which concluded that mesothelioma patients who received treatment with IMRT after EDD or P/D surgery allowed patients to live longer than those who were treated with the more traditional radiotherapy treatment protocols.

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