Cigarette Companies and Mesothelioma

Cigarettes have long been known to cause lung cancer but knowledge of its role as a cause of mesothelioma is less clear. In the pursuit of making finding a fiber that was better able to filter out the tar Hollingsworth & Vose (H&V) produced one made with crocidolite asbestos and tightly packed crepe paper in 1952.

From 1952 to 1956, Lorillard sold approximately 11.7 billion cigarettes laced with the deadly asbestos fibers without ever disclosing that asbestos was in fact the secret fiber in the filter. The asbestos based filters were marketed as the safest cigarette filter ever made despite containing the deadliest asbestos of the six asbestos fibers.

In the past several months there have been two major cases that have shown a light on cigarette manufacturers’ role in causing mesothelioma. DeLisle’s Florida based mesothelioma lawsuit against cigarette maker R.J. Reynolds resulted in a jury award of $8 million in damages. The award was reversed on appeal when R.J. Reynolds argued that the testimony of three of the expert witnesses in the trial should not have been allowed however the Florida Supreme Court has agreed to hear a an appeal on that reversal.

In another lawsuit filed in California widow saw settlements by all of the cigarette companies accused of liability except for R.J. Reynolds, and the jury decided against that company leading to the $3.75 million judgment, plus costs and interest. The court rejected R.J. Reynolds appeal.

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