WorkSafeBC is Trying to Educate Contractors of Asbestos Dangers

WorkSafeBC is a Canadian government sponsored organization created to try and eliminate work place injuries, illnesses, and accidents. Their latest campaign is aimed at warning contractors and construction workers of the dangers of asbestos exposure. The campaign explains that contractors who try to cut corners to avoid proper safety procedures risk not only the lives of their workers but the future of their business because the failure to properly identify and remove asbestos can carry stiff penalties.

The new campaign comes at a time where the organization has issued more asbestos related orders than all of 2016. WorkSafeBC has issued 450 orders so far for 2017 with 60 being orders to stop work. Al Johnson, VP of prevention services at WorkSafeBC said "That leads to project delays and additional costs. We take it seriously and want everyone to take it seriously as well."

Mr. Johnson added that they have also issued 30 penalties this year. The latest was issued to Hiltec Demolition for $20,000. According to records, WorkSafeBC observed four workers, one of whom was a supervisor, exiting the house in their street clothes and without any personal protective equipment. Uncontained drywall debris was visible in the house as well as in the back of the firm's vehicle. Click here to read the full article.

The dangers highlighted in Canada are also present here in the United States. Contracting and construction work have become the professions most at risk for dangerous asbestos exposure. It’s vital that the proper identification and removal safeguards be employed to ensure worker safety.

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