Huntington's Disease May Hold The Key To New Mesothelioma Treatment

According to a study published on EmboReports, Huntington 's Disease may hold the key to a discovering a new and more effective way to treat cancer. A team of researchers from Northwestern University found that patients diagnosed with Huntington's Disease are far less likely than the average population to be diagnosed with cancer. The university researchers reported that understanding the elements of the Huntingtons disease that help to eliminate cancer cells could lead to a breakthrough treatment for all types of cancer including mesothelioma.

Huntington's is a rare neurodegenerative disorder that impacts approximately 30,000 Americans each year. The Huntington gene mutates in those afflicted with the disease. The mutated gene causes an oversupply of repeating RNA sequences which is deadly to nerve cells in the brain. The Northwestern scientists found that those same mutated Huntington genes are even more deadly to cancer cells. Lead author of the study, Marcus Peter, stated that, "this molecule is a super assassin against all tumor cells. We've never seen anything this powerful."

The research team devised a way to deliver that killer molecule by way of a nano-particle to test mice with ovarian cancer tumors. The results from the initial experiments were extremely promising. The Northwestern team found that following the treatment the tumor growth in the mice was significantly reduced, there was no toxicity in the mice, and the tumors didn't even build up a tolerance or resistance to the Huntington molecule

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