The Role of Kindness in Mesothelioma Treatment

Mesothelioma is a particularly aggressive form of cancer making compassionate care key from the first appointment. In a study titled "Role of Kindness in Cancer Care," Dr. Berry lays out six ways in which cancer care givers can better serve the intense emotional needs of their cancer patients. The Washington Post detailed the findings of the study.

Deep Listening – Genuine patient-centered care involves not only determining "what's the matter" with the patient but also "what matters to the patient." A mesothelioma diagnosis is accompanied with unsettling uncertainty so feeling heard is vital for mesothelioma patients to feel understood.

Empathy – Nursing scholar Theresa Wiseman identifies four essential attributes of empathy: seeing the world from another's perspective, avoiding judgment when assessing a situation, recognizing the emotion present, and responding to that emotion in a genuinely caring way.

Generous Acts – Kindness often manifests as generous acts. In my study, I asked patients, "Can you think of the best, most meaningful service experience you had as a cancer patient?" Many responses reflected the kindness embedded in generous acts. Even an act as simple as taking the time to teach a mesothelioma patient and their family how to properly utilize a chest drain can go a long way.

Timely care – For patients with aggressive cancers like malignant mesothelioma, being stuck in limbo waiting for test results can be emotionally taxing. Dr. Berry urges providers to offer care in a timely manner to reduce stress and anxiety, although he warns that some delays are unfortunately inevitable.

Gentle Honesty – Most patients want to know the truth but hearing the truth in gentle and carefully selected words can really help establish a productive dialogue between the medical team and patient.

Support for family caregivers – Having a loving and supporting family is an absolute vital part of a mesothelioma patient's care and prognosis. Research shows the benefits of preparing, empowering and assisting a patient's family to effectively care for a loved one.

Dr. Berry concluded that, "These mutually reinforcing manifestations of kindness—exhibited by self-aware clinicians who understand that how care is delivered matters—constitute a powerful and practical way to temper the emotional turmoil of cancer for patients, their families, and clinicians themselves."

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