Remembering the "King of Torts"

Renowned plaintiffs' advocate and Marine Corps Veteran of World War II, Joe Jamail passed away December 29 at the age of 90. The Grocer's son who was bullied as a child stood up for injured plaintiffs rights in matters ranging from corporate governance to products liability. Jamail worked on three cases which prompted product recalls including the Remington 600 Rifle, Honda's three-wheel all-terrain motorcycles, and the pharmaceutical Parlodel.

Jamail, who preferred barrooms to country clubs, was known for his colorful courtroom language – once described as vulgar by the Delaware Supreme Court. In his autobiography, Jamail stated that "Bullies and snobs have always ignited in me the fire that smolders inside my soul. I have never been able to stand by and let someone abuse another person. I have to go in and help. And win."

Joe's legacy stands as a paragon of fearless and passionate advocacy to other plaintiff attorneys' fighting for their injured clients.