The Liquid Biopsy May Prevent the Need for More Invasive Testing

The gold standard of a mesothelioma diagnosis has always been the biopsy which although has the highest rate of accuracy still cannot ensure the withdrawal of available and sufficient material requisite for the testing sample. The biopsy is an invasive procedure that also may expose the patient to certain complications such as hemorrhaging.

In a study entitled, Extracellular MicroRNA in liquid biopsy: applicability in cancer diagnosis and prevention, a group of cancer researchers discussed the novel concept of a liquid biopsy. The study reveals that "A liquid biopsy uses body fluids as surrogate tissues to provide information on cancer target tissues."

The study provides the many useful application for the new procedure, stating that "the liquid biopsy, like a classical biopsy, can be employed for early diagnosis, tumor staging, estimating the risk of metastasis and relapses, and monitoring therapy." Check out the full study here.

Early diagnosis which relies on recognition certain bio-markers may allow the care providers better visibility when selecting the best therapy approach in each case. This is critical to increase the overall survival of mesothelioma patients. If these markers could be recognized without the need for an invasive procedure early detection could be a realistic outcome.

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