New VA Healthcare Bill Could Help Mesothelioma Patients

The Veterans’ Choice Program Extension and Improvement Act was signed by President Trump last week with the promise of taking better care of veterans’ who were subjected to mistreatment in the form of unacceptable wait times and even access to care.

The original Choice Program was in response to a scandal that involved attempts to cover up the fact that many vets were having to wait months to receive care and to deal with the backlog of 600,000 unanswered claims. The program earmarked $10 billion for the Veterans’ Healthcare facilities and was set to expire in August with about $1 billion left but the extension will provide a stop gap measure of funding until there is a more comprehensive healthcare plan instated.

Beyond decreasing wait times the new bill also aims to help those who live over 40 miles away from a VA facility gain access to care. Under the new system the VA would pay veterans’ co-pays directly to private care providers where the veteran doesn’t live within 40 miles of the VA facility.

Approximately 30% of all mesothelioma victims are veterans, typically from the Navy and therefore this new bill could help these vets with the specialized care they need.

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