Japanese Scientists Discover New Treatment for a Common Mesothelioma Symptom

A group of scientists from Saitama Medical University in Japan have revealed promising results in a study on treating pleural effusion or a build-up of fluid in the lungs. This common symptom for mesothelioma patients tends to cause chest pain, shortness of breath and a daunting full body fatigue. The standard procedures for dealing with the fluid include a very invasive surgical procedure or by chemically sealing the place where the fluid builds up.

The Japanese doctors used a procedure called hyperthermic chemotherapy (IPHC) in conjunction with the drug cisplatin. The main ingredient in cisplatin is platinum.

The study included 21 patients suffering from pleural effusion, 7 of which had been diagnosed with mesothelioma (almost all mesothelioma patients also suffer from effusion). The results were very impressive. All 21 patients' results included complete effusion control three months after the treatment. Read the full study here.

We are hopeful that this will continue to contribute to a better quality of life for those who have been diagnosed and are living with mesothelioma.

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