English Woman Diagnosed With Mesothelioma From Washing Clothes

The U.K.’s Eastern Daily Press wrote an article about a woman named Kathleen Carnegie who passed away in June from mesothelioma. Kathleen never worked around asbestos products herself however her first husband worked for Cape Asbestos from 1960 to 1969. He would drive home from work in his coveralls in the family car and would keep them on once inside the house. Kathleen was the one who washed those coveralls during that entire period.

Mrs. Carnegie’s son Nigel commented that, “Mum’s diagnosis was a shock to all of us. Considering mum only ever worked in offices we were all stunned when she was told she had mesothelioma and we can only think that it has come about after washing Tony’s clothes.” As for the washing of the actual coveralls, Nigel remembered his mom saying that, “She often would have to wash them a couple of times a week and would always need to give them a shake before getting started. She didn’t have a washing machine then either, so she was often washing them by hand.”

Unfortunately, this story mirrors many cases we have personally handled. The wife and in some cases daughter who washed asbestos covered clothes would inhale the deadly fibers which would later manifest as mesothelioma. While the article remarks that this is a unique case, our firm has advocated on behalf of far too many wives and children who should have never been exposed in the first place.

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