Death Toll From 9/11 Attacks Could Add Millions to The Death Toll

The true fallout of the 9/11 terrorist attacks may not manifest for another few decades. When the towers fell that fateful day a deluge of asbestos fibers were disturbed and blanketed a large portion of the city. The explosions put New York City's 9 million residents at a serious risk of asbestos exposure. Dr. Raja Flores, a mesothelioma expert told 9news that "In 15-20 years we are going to see a serious health issue here in New York. We haven't even seen the tip of this iceberg yet."

Dr. Flores continued on to say “I think you will probably see double or tripling of the number of lung cancers in people who were in New York City on 9/11 and mesothelioma and people dying of pleural fibrosis from asbestosis." Dr. Flores bases his forecasts on a comparative study with the town of Libby in Montana where the same type of vermiculite asbestos was being employed. In that town of only 2,656 people, 400 people have died of asbestos related diseases since the 1990s.

Unfortunately, mesothelioma is an incurable disease but catching it early can go a long way to extending survival rates and quality of life. Dr. Flores recommends for those who fear that they may have been exposed to get a low dose CAT (CT) scan once a year to see if you have asbestos changes in your lungs."

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