Study Confirms That Asbestos Fibers Don't Decrease Over Time

Mesothelioma has one of the longest latency periods of any other disease. It typically takes anywhere from 10 to 50 years for symptoms to manifest. A new study out of Germany, published in the European Respiratory Journal produced findings that helps explain mesothelioma’s unusually long latency period.

The research team looked at twelve patients who had biopsies at an average of an eight year interval. In some of the patients, biopsies were taken as part of an autopsy. The cornerstone of the findings in the study was the fact that the concentration of asbestos fibers remained constant despite the time of exposure. In the study a time lapse of 29 years had no significant impact on the asbestos fiber burden in the lungs.

The study’s findings help to explain the long latency periods for those exposed to asbestos. Additional conclusions revolve around the type of asbestos fibers found in the lungs. Crystolite fibers, by far the most common, were used in approximately 90% of all commercially implemented asbestos products. These fibers have a curved shape unlike the amphibole fibers which are straight and sharp. Previous studies hypothesized that the shape of the fiber impacted the body’s ability to rid itself of asbestos but new evidence shows that both fibers are just as resistant to removal.

The Authors of the study stated that, “Overall, this study very clearly demonstrates high biopersistence of not only amphibole but also chrysotile asbestos in the human lung and thus gives mechanistic explanations for the toxicity of the fiber and the long latency period of asbestos related diseases.”

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