Study Finds That Mesothelioma Exposure Continues to Increase 40 Years After Exposure

Polish researchers published a report congruent with the findings of several other studies – the risk of contracting mesothelioma continues to increase even 40 years after a person’s last exposure. Researchers Beata Swiatkowska and Neonila Szeszenia-Debrowska studied a total of over 786 patients with over a 14 year time span. Their findings were published in the June 2017 issue of Lung Cancer.

“The results show that the risk of pleural mesothelioma continued to increase even after 40 years since the last exposure,” states the report. The data shows that those who were subjected to their last exposure more than four decades were more than 2.5 times more likely to be diagnosed with mesothelioma than those who were subjected to their last exposure just five years ago.

The study conducted at the Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine published another critical finding – that the type of asbestos that a person was exposed to has an impact on the probability of developing mesothelioma. The Polish study specifically points out that people who worked around crocidolite or “blue” asbestos are at an especially high risk for mesothelioma. According to the study those who were exposed to mixture of different asbestos types, are 5 times more likely to develop mesothelioma than those who were only exposed to chrysotile asbestos.

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