Why Asbestos Still Continues To Claim Lives

An article coming out of the UK, published in the Eastern Daily Press is helping to raise awareness of the fact that Asbestos still remains a danger to this day. Like in the United States, asbestos was used in the construction of many of the schools. Phoebe Osborne, author of the article and an English Solicitor, writes that of the 33,600 schools in Britain, 75% still contain asbestos.

Osborne writes, “Most disturbingly, in the last 10 years, 140 school teachers have died from mesothelioma.” Asbestos was banned in England in 1999 however is still remains legal in the United States. As data signals that those outside of the occupations more commonly put at risk such as pipe-fitters or plumbers, the need to review safety procedures becomes ever clearer. Teachers and even students do not have to be exposed to the dangerous minerals if the proper containment and/or removal procedures are followed.

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