Asbestos Protections Inadequate at Many Older Schools

A new government report reveals that as many as 20% of schools in England are failing to provide adequate protections or implement procedures against asbestos exposure. The Education Funding Agency's asbestos management report collected information on 5,500 schools. According to the EFA out the 5,500 schools, 4,646 contained asbestos.

Many parts of England were rebuilt post World War II due to the German bombing raids. At that time asbestos was widely used because it was cheap, heat resistant and provided good insulation. However, now safety regulations and procedures are paramount to minimizing the risk of deadly exposure to the dust.

Unfortunately, these same risks exist in the United States as well. According to data by NIOSH most schools constructed prior to 1980 in the US contain asbestos. Surviving Mesothelioma cites Asbestos Nation, a non-profit, stating that very little is being done to ensure adequate safety practices are be implemented in schools.

The UK study suggests that teachers and staff refrain from using push-pins on walls that contain asbestos to avoid disrupting asbestos dust. Any rips or tears in the insulation should be reported immediately and avoided until the proper trained personnel have taken care of the issue.

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