Better Nutrition Linked to Better Treatment Outcomes

An article published in Clinical Lung Cancer reveals new evidence following survey data from patients with pleural mesothelioma showing that a patient's nutritional health has a significant impact on treatment outcomes.

The oncologist and pathologist researchers used a benchmark tool called the Controlling Nutritional Status (CONUT) score. The doctors found that those who had better scores had significantly better survival rates and slower rates in the disease's progression.

The actual stage of the cancer as well as the CONUT score were found to be independent predictive factors for overall survival, disease-free survival, and progression-free survival.

The CONUT score also could have other applications such as allowing doctors greater insight into which patients could undergo which forms of treatment. The Authors of the article stated that the CONUT "provides useful information for selecting patients who will benefit from the treatment."

While there is no information on the specific foods or supplements that should make up those diets, one thing is clear – improving other aspects of your health such as diet can only improve treatment outcomes.

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