Mill Workers Diagnosed With Mesothelioma Are Urged to Seek Qualified Legal Representation

The Victims Center is urging mill workers diagnosed with mesothelioma to seek qualified legal representation to enforce their legal rights and attain the compensation they deserve. The Victims Center is trying to urge the following job segments who are at a higher risk for asbestos exposure.

  • Pennsylvania-Steel Mills Workers
  • Michigan Auto/Truck Factory Workers
  • Ohio Auto or Tire Factory Workers
  • Indiana Steel Mill Workers
  • Kansas Aerospace Workers
  • Georgia Mill Workers
  • Oregon Pulp & Paper Mill Workers
  • Washington Aerospace Workers, Truck Manufacturing Workers, Pulp or Paper Mill Workers
  • New York-GE or Westinghouse Plant Workers
  • Wisconsin-Auto Factory Workers

For a more comprehensive list on jobs that are at a high risk for asbestos exposure click here.

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