Most Common Products Containing Asbestos

While asbestos was used in thousands of different products, the list compiled below contains four broad segments of common use. If you worked with one of the below products then you may be at risk for diagnosis of mesothelioma or some other asbestos related ailment. Make sure your doctor is aware of your work history so that they can actively monitor and screen for the disease. Early detection is critical to treatment outcomes for mesothelioma,

Automotive Parts - Brake pads, clutches, hood liners, gaskets and valves.

Tiles - Flooring, ceiling and roofing tiles were commonly made with asbestos. The adhesive used to lay down flooring tiles has also been a source of exposure.

Cement - Asbestos containing cement was used in building materials because the fibers provided strength without adding much weight. Its insulating and fire-resistant properties also made the mineral an ideal substance to add to cement.

Textiles - Asbestos was used in the production of cloths and garments for its resistance to heat and corrosive elements. Some of the most common textiles included blankets, fireman suits and rope.

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