Chemical Plant Workers Diagnosed With Mesothelioma Urged to Seek Qualified Legal Representation

The compensation center has advised chemical plant workers diagnosed with mesothelioma to find qualified representation to enforce their legal rights and get the compensation they deserve. The Center advises that in many of these cases there could be $1million or more available in compensation. All you have to do is find a qualified legal representative to get the job done.

Below are some of the job positions for chemical plant workers. Information provided by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

  • Chemical equipment operators and tenders: Operate or tend equipment that controls chemical changes or reactions in the processing of industrial or consumer products. Equipment used includes de-vulcanizers, steam-jacketed kettles and reactor vessels.
  • Chemical technicians: Use special instruments and techniques to help chemists and chemical engineers in researching, developing and producing chemical products and processes.
  • Chemists: Study the structures, compositions, reactions and other properties of substances. They use their knowledge to develop new and improved products, processes and materials.
  • Mixing and blending machine setters, operators and tenders: Set up, operate or tend machines that mix or blend chemicals.
  • Packaging and filling machine operators and tenders: Operate or tend machines that prepare products for storage or shipment.

Filing a claim may also help relieve the financial burden associated with:

  • Medical bills (both past and future)
  • Loss of wages (both past and future)
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property Damage
  • Funeral costs

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