New Bill Proposed in the House of Representatives is Bad For Asbestos Victims

U.S. Representative from Texas, Blake Farenthold has quietly introduced a bill to the House (H.R. 906) that will make it harder for asbestos victims and their families to file lawsuits.

This underhanded bill is of course supported by asbestos manufacturers. In addition to a lack of accountability, the bill also requires quarterly reporting where administrators will be forced to disclose private information about the plaintiffs' exposure and work history. The added obligations are not only an invasion of your privacy but put a huge reporting burden on the shoulders of the bankruptcy trusts which is sure to make claim processing times even longer.

Victims and their family are often times in desperate need of settlement money just to cover medical or funeral costs so they can't afford to extend claim periods. For some this will be enough to dissuade them from ever seeking compensation.

Stand up against this bill. Call your local representative and make it know that you are against this bill!