Victims Center Urges Construction Workers and Remodelers Diagnosed With Mesothelioma To Seek Qualified Legal Counsel

While the use of asbestos in homes was significantly curtailed in the 1980s, construction workers and remodelers continued to be subjected to the deadly exposure long after that. Any time there was work to be done to a house containing asbestos, the laborers and remodelers were subjected to the disturbed asbestos fibers.

Some of the contruction/remodeling activities that pose particular risk for exposure include:

  • Roofing felt/shingles/tar roofs
  • Attic insulation
  • Lath & plaster wall removal (This could have exposed the construction worker to extreme levels of asbestos-if the space was interior with no windows)
  • Removing wall insulation
  • Tearing out insulated plumbing pipes
  • Removing tile flooring, or carpet pads
  • Removing concrete blocks or concrete slabs
  • Removing boilers or steam pipe insulation
  • Removing acoustical ceilings-popcorn ceilings

Many times it was not made clear to construction workers or remodelers that the home ever contained asbestos so work was performed without any respiratory safety gear. Asbestos can have a 10 to 50 year latency period so if you were exposed yearly screenings with your healthcare provider may help to catch asbestos related cancers as early as possible. Make sure your doctor is aware of your work history with asbestos.

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