Removing Certain Amino Acids From Your Diet May Slow Mesothelioma Tumor Growth

There has been volumes of research published on the link and relationship between diet and cancer. A proper diet can be used to help ameliorate certain negative side effects and even increase survival times. While diet will not prevent mesothelioma, new research out of the UK suggests that eliminating certain amino acids from one’s diet may slow mesothelioma tumor growth and extend survival horizons.

The preliminary research, published in Nature, revealed that when two non-essential amino acids were removed from the diets of mice with cancer tumor growth slowed and survival times increased. Depriving the body of the non-essential amino acids, serine and glycine, increases the cancer cells susceptibility to the body’s natural cancer fighting chemicals.

Dr. Maddocks stated, “Our findings suggest that restricting specific amino acids through a controlled diet plan could be an additional part of treatment for some cancer patients in the future, helping to make other treatments more effective.” The UK researchers also made a point of waring that this diet requires careful monitoring and may not be able to be re-created by yourself at home so make sure you inquire with your medical professional.

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