Comparing Mesothelioma Surgeries

There are two main types of mesotheliomas surgeries - extrapleural pneumonectomy (EPP) and pleurectomy/decortication (P/D). While thoracic surgeons remain divided on which surgery will produce the best outcome, a new report out of the University of Zurich, published in Interactive Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery, concluded that both experience similar rates of complications, and relapse although survival rates were less conclusive. The study included 52 EPP patients and 26 P/D patients.

Surgical Approach

EPP: Involves removal of the diseased lung as well as the mesothelioma tumor, the pleural lining, the diaphragm, as well as other tissues.

P/D: Involves two steps. First r the lining surrounding one lung is removed. Second tumor masses that are growing inside the chest cavity are removed. P/D is commonly referred to as lung sparing surgery due to the fact that the patient can keep their lungs

Surgical Results

Serious Complications Rates: The rates were similar in both surgeries. Patients undergoing EPP had more severe post-surgical problems and spent longer in the intensive care unit while P/D patients were more likely to experience an air leak from the lungs 10 or more dsys after the surgery.

90 Day Mortality Rates: The study found that the difference was not significant between the two surgeries.

Relapse Times: Mesothelioma recurred in EPP patients after 13 months and in P/D patients after 15 months.

Survival Rates

At first blush the study showed that P/D had significantly longer survival time. Those who had P/D lived 32 months where EPP patients lived 23 months. But taking a closer look at the data shows that these numbers are inconclusive.

Dr. Kostron, one of the article’s authors stated that “In the P/D group, many cases were censored and the follow-up time was relatively short. Overall survival needs to be confirmed in a large patient group with longer follow-up.”

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