Age, Gender, and Survival Rates of Mesothelioma Victims


91% of all those diagnosed with mesothelioma are 55 years or older. Latency periods of 20 to 50 years means that diagnosis of mesothelioma tends to happen later in life. If you have a job history that puts you at risk then it’s important to make sure you at least get yearly check ups.


Nearly three times as many men are effected by mesothelioma than women. The Majority of exposures come from navy service and various industrial jobs which were generally done by men. This is the main reason why mesothelioma effects larger numbers of men than women.

Survival Rates:

The average life expectancy for mesothelioma patients is between 12 and 21 months however 5% to 10% live for at least five years after diagnosis. Early diagnosis is critical in determining average survival rates. Early detection is key to extended survival rates.

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