Specialized Blood Vessel Formation May be Key to New Mesothelioma Treatments

While immunotherapy is standard treatment protocol for many mesothelioma patients there are some individuals with a specific genetic mutation that prevents the patients from receiving any benefit from the treatment. Researchers published a report in Science Transnational Medicine detailing a way to get around the mutation’s resistance by inhibiting the growth of new blood vessels while at the same time boosting the immune system. The Belgian research team stated that a growing blood supply and a weakened immune system are essential for cancer cells to multiply.

When the doctors combined the use of PD-L1 to stop blood vessel formation with a boost to the immune system in the mice test subjects, the outcome that materialized was quite unexpected. The treatment resulted in the formation of specialized blood vessels that pushed cancer-fighting cells right to the tumor, helping to eradicate the diseased cells. Dr. Bergers said in the team’s press release that “It was interesting to observe that this combination of immune system-activating and anti-angiogenic antibodies causes a positive feedback loop.”

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