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Mesothelioma Treatment

Mesothelioma Treatment: although there are many treatments available for various types of cancers, the unfortunate reality is that Mesothelioma is very difficult to treat. The three main treatments for Mesothelioma cancer include:

Mesothelioma Treatment – Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is the treatment of cancer using specific chemical agents or drugs that are selectively destructive to malignant cells and tissues. As with any cancer, chemotherapy is most effective if cancer cells can be treated in their first-stage and have not yet become solid tumors.

Mesothelioma Treatment – Radiation

Radiation therapy is used to treat Mesothelioma patients with the goal of controlling the spread of cancer in combination with surgery and chemotherapy. Radiation emanates from high energy X-rays, photons, neutrons, cobalt, or other radiation sources. Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments are useful ways to combat other types of cancers but, used alone, have not been very helpful for treating Mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma Treatment – Surgery

Surgery also is an option for some mesothelioma victims, as doctors can remove the diseased mesothelium that surrounds the lungs or gastrointestinal tract. However, this is an extensive surgical procedure and is usually only performed on patients who are good surgical candidates: patients who are otherwise healthy, reasonably young, and strong enough to tolerate the procedure. Surgery can carry significant risks but may lead to increased survival times.

Mesothelioma Treatment Surgery

Surgery may be necessary to obtain an accurate diagnosis of Mesothelioma and to determine the exact location and extent of the cancer. A non-invasive biopsy procedure is usually performed. If Mesothelioma is found to be present and metastasis has not occurred, further explorative surgery may be necessary to remove as much cancerous tissue as possible and is typically combined with chemotherapy and radiation as a curative measure or to prolong the patient’s life span. Surgery may also be performed as a palliative (relieving without curing) measure to ease the patient’s discomfort and improve the quality of their life.

Research continues as the medical field looks for a cure. Different combinations of drugs and surgery, studies of newly developed drugs, gene therapy, and more are being studied, with clinical trials in the United States and abroad.

Mesothelioma Treatment and Research for a Cure

The Mesothelioma Research Foundation of America is working on treatments to cure Mesothelioma.

Prognosis for mesothelioma is difficult to estimate consistently when looking at different research studies because there are often large differences in the time before diagnosis and the rate of disease progression. Many factors affect a person’s prognosis, including the type of disease, a person’s age and general health, when the disease was found, and a person’s response to treatment.

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